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So your barbeque buddy or college cousin knows HTML and s/he is going to do your Web site for free. You know the old saying: "You get what you pay for." Knowing HTML isn't enough. It's not even close. Web sites are way past the "online business card" or "electronic brochure" phase. Web sites are down to the bottom line now -- yours. Click on the arrows below to find out more.

arrow rightWe provide solutions:
With the economic down turn, you need to take advantage of the most cost effective way to improve your business. Whether you need to increase your customer base, create or market a new product, or just save your company's time - we can provide the solution. We are proficient at brainstorming unique, ergonomic, yet attractive solutions to challenging issues. We know marketing, manufacturing, and technology. Read on...
arrow rightWe increase your revenue:
  • by expanding your company's customer base in markets around the world
  • by servicing your existing customers
  • by selling your products or services through the Web
  • by promoting your products and services using eMarketing - including Google AdWords
arrow rightWe save you valuable time:
  • by directing potential customers to the right service
  • by providing information that your customers need to make decisions quickly - 24/7
  • by making your business run more effectively
  • or even by answering routine questions
arrow rightWe provide experience:
Not just another pretty face, we understand business and the bottom line. The internet is filled with young - and inexperienced - computer savvy people. But, it takes more than computer knowledge to create a successful web site or design an effective product. It takes business experience - like the 20 years we have in marketing and manufacturing. Yowzah Baby! Productions specializes in web development, computer graphics, user interface experience, industrial design, and CAD solids modeling. Read more about our team
arrow rightWe're experts at Google Adwords:
  • Nine years working with Google Adwords gives us the experience to know which campaigns work- and which don't.
  • We know how to provide good ROI for AdWord campaigns, making them an inexpensive marketing tool.
  • We target the right customers looking for your products.
  • We increase your advertising return on investment by monitoring the Click Through Rate (CTR).
    Read on...
arrow rightWe make your Web site stand out:
Did you know that there are just under 1.5 billion web pages on the internet according to Internet World Stats? We can make your web site stand out among all that information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will:
  • make sure you get listed with the most important search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • provide key words that bring your site to the top of all search engines.
  • use programming tags that also help search engines find your site
  • and help you find the internet discussion groups and industry sites that are appropriate for your business.
arrow rightWe give you great designs:

The best companies demand the best design. Almost anybody can put a web page on the internet. That's why the appearance and functionality of many web sites is barely mediocre.

The staff at Yowzah Baby! Productions have been educated at the best commercial art schools in the country which is why we have done work for some of the best - and most talented - companies in the country -- like Hewlett Packard, Apple, Logitech, & Luciano Pavarotti. Our training in graphic design and fine arts, combined with years of experience in 3D and a solid technical expertise, creates an unequaled foundation for designing unique solutions which meet the needs of our clients.

Prior to the internet explosion, our background has been designing computer & consumer products. We've traveled all over the world implementing projects, and creating solutions to difficult challenges -- on time and on budget.

YBP News

Our Chief Yowzah has joined the Steering Committee of BayCHI, a local San Francisco Bay Area chapter of ACM SIGCHI. BayCHI is organized and operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes in the area of Computer-Human Interaction. Its membership includes professionals and scholars worldwide.

The goal is to serve this association's CHI community by adding functionality to their current website, improve the current site's user interface; add reference content for tools, patterns, BKM;s, and other material; add "portable" social networking capabilities; and bring the site’s appearance up to date.

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