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Google AdWords are the most cost effective and the best Return On Investment (ROI) of any advertising channel available. You only pay if your ad is clicked on, AdWords are small, targeted text ads that show up in a column to the right of a search using Google's search engine. A tool like AdWords has advantages to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because your site can show up on the first page of a search even if your site ranks poorly.

Never let your ads write checks that your Web site canít cash.
Avinash Kaushik

AdWords are implemented in two ways. Ads can be place on the Google’s Search Network as we just described or they can be placed on the Content Network. This method places ads on other Web site pages most relevant to your products and services. According to a White Paper published in 2008 by Google which studied companies who used AdWords on both Search and Content Networks over a 12-month period, "In total, 51.6% of advertisers analyzed had an average Content Network CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) equal to or better than their Search Network CPA." The other half of companies studied "had at least 2.6% lower than their average Search Network CPA". However you choose to implement your Ad Words campaigns, they allow you to:

Expand Your Advertising Base

  • Google states the "AdWords are viewed by 80% of United States internet users each month" and they "appear in thousands of relevant search and content networks". That doesn't mean that your ads are randomly distributed across the internet base. Quite the contrary; you can target the specific audience that fits your service or product as well as target specific geographic areas, if you choose.

Save Money on Advertising

  • Choosing cost-per-click (CPC) pricing allows you to pay only for viewers who click to your site at a price you've set.
  • For larger campaigns, select cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing if you prefer to target individual content sites and pay by how often your ad appears.
  • No monthly minimum spending limit or time commitment.

Easily Track AdWords Results

  • ROI Reporting - know what ads and keywords are improving your bottom line and by how much.
  • Placement Performance - see statistics on how well search network and content network ads are performing.
  • Prospect Reports - Find out which words and phrases potential customers use when your ad appears
  • Ad & Keyword Reports – learn which ads and keywords are successful. What is your Click Through Rate and Cost per Click.
  • Impression Share - shows how much traffic your campaign is missing out on due to bids and position.
  • URL performance - shows true keyword performance

What You Can Expect From Us

  1. We offer hands-on, interactive marketing campaigns and regular communication with our clients.
  2. Google AdWords initial set-up includes items like targeted campaigns, keywords, or recommended sites for placement advertising.
  3. Maintenance of AdWords campaign (monitor campaigns, bids and keywords)
  4. Recommended actions based on monthly reports
  5. Modify existing web site (if needed to increase traffic)


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