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What Change Management Is

Change Management connects project success with customer satisfaction by ensuring that the full promise of the organizational change being managed is fulfilled upon project completion. Each project will have created technical and human performance change that must be managed effectively together. Key project criteria are:

  • The program meets the specified business requirements that are agreed to during Blueprint
  • The employees effected are trained and can perform their specific work tasks in a satisfactory way, such that normal business operations are not negatively impacted.

Change Management Goals

There are very involved processes for accomplishing a successful Change Management effort for your project. You must determine the following topics:

  • A "Needs Assessment" - Planning who, what, and how your CM strategy will be carried out.
  • Determine your methodology.
  • Determining your marketing and communications needs.
  • Establishing and implementing your training requirements
  • Define the metrics for CM success.

CM Benefits

It's value is the ability to transfer organizational performance (competencies, motivation, behavior, etc.) to new levels of business performance that are measurable.

Effective change management leads to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Adoption speed of new behaviors
  • Positive impact on morale and motivation.
  • Effective internal and external customer communication
  • Speed of change (product, process, etc.) across multiple locations

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